Dreamland Sirens is award-winning artist and filmmaker’s Charlotte Colbert’s latest art show, curated by renowned art figure Simon De Pury and presented by LA-based UTA Artist Space.

In this exhibition, Colbert takes inspiration from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, guiding us through the looking glass into an immersive and surrealist exploration of dreamscapes, symbolism, and the mind.

Lending to her fantastical realisations is the concept of Magick which Colbert defines as, “Will versus World—the changing of the world through the power of will” referencing 20th century occultist Aleister Crowley. Colbert investigates, “Which dreams and utopias can we Magick into the world?”

The exhibition runs during Frieze London from the 11 – 21st of October.

Opening hours:
Monday – Saturday: 11am – 6pm
Sunday: 12noon – 5pm