Roots of Magic

Roots of Magic

‘The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.’
W.B. Yeats

The Fitzrovia Chapel is delighted to present Roots of Magic (17 July to 20 July), a pop-up exhibition of new drawings by Ukrainian artist and illustrator Daria Hlazatova.

Living and working in Ukraine, Daria’s work has been exhibited in the USA and the UK and featured on album covers, in publications, music videos and a silent film. She is known for her portraits against nocturnal backgrounds, weaving the imaginary realms together with celestial symbolism and folk-inspired visuals. Her work is a concoction of spontaneous self-expression, fantasy and elaborate detail. This new series was created as a response to the crisis, illustrating artist’s chosen “instruments” of resilience.

Roots of Magic is a collection of 12 new pieces representing the artist’s personal formula for the resistant and content spirit. Each drawing is a visual interpretation of a value, all of which put together work towards harmony and fulfilment. The impossible can be possible if we nurture our values.

She says: “Living in the war has made me see life with new eyes; suddenly what matters most became blindingly illuminated. One of the many challenges for me has been to not succumb to despair and keep on going no matter what. I was impelled to dig deeper to find what feeds our roots and helps us grow and blossom despite hardship. It’s compassion and courage, openness and generosity – these are the roots of magic. Magic is not all spells and potions, it’s effort, determination, faith, no matter the circumstances. So I took to converting my manifesto into these 12 drawings.”

“It is very symbolic to hold this exhibition in the beautiful Fitzrovia Chapel, a place of hope and faith. I see it as a space where one can regain strength and find a much-needed refuge. A place, where true priorities shine through. This seems like a perfect synergy and I very much hope that this new series of works displayed in such a fitting venue will encourage and uplift the visitors to the exhibition.”

Roots of Magic

Monday 17 July: Private view: 6pm to 8pm
Tuesday 18 July: 10am to 7pm
Weds 19 July: 10am to 7pm
Thursday 20 July: 10am to 12 noon