With Fists, it Kicks, it Bites

With Fists, it Kicks, it Bites

The Royal College of Art and associated Fitzrovia galleries are delighted to announce the collaborative exhibition With Fists, It Kicks, It Bites. The exhibition by the 2020 graduating students of the RCA MA Photography course, will be divided across the physical gallery spaces of Edel Assanti, TJ Boulting and Webber Gallery, as well as the beautiful and historical location of The Fitzrovia Chapel. Coming together to support the emerging generation of artists, the galleries are thrilled to be able to present to the public the exciting, assertive and experimental work currently made.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the RCA had to cancel its physical degree shows and move them to an online presentation. The degree show is not only the opportunity to bring together the culmination of two year’s study and practice, but a chance for students to work together as they transit from students to the outside world. The galleries have recognised how vital the physical degree show is on many levels and have collaborated to stage an exhibition across their spaces for the graduating Photography students. The galleries have previously worked with or represent RCA Photography alumni, in particular TJ Boulting with Dominic Hawgood and Edel Assanti with Noémie Goudal, which is how the conversation on how to help this year’s RCA graduates first emerged and developed.

Rut Blees Luxemburg, Tutor in Photography: “The students’ work introduces us to an expanded practice of photography by celebrating the materiality and physicality of the image. The work of this new generation emphasises the critical and experimental engagement with photography as well as the importance of visual pleasure.”

Charlie Fellowes, Director Edel Assanti: “Jodie Carey, Gordon Cheung and Noémie Goudal are all alumni of the RCA and have played an integral role in the development of Edel Assanti’s programme since we opened in 2010. In an increasingly difficult moment for the art world as a whole, but particularly for graduate artists, we are pleased to be able to offer a small gesture of support towards their development.”

Fiona Rogers, Director of Webber Gallery: “Over the last 6 years, Webber Gallery has championed emerging artists and celebrated the diversity of the photographic medium. We are excited to be collaborating with our Fitzrovia neighbours, and be able to offer our support and a home for these innovative works, during such an unprecedented and difficult time for international artists.”

Hannah Watson, Director of TJ Boulting and Chair of The Fitzrovia Chapel: “Art schools are the life force of the creative world and produce the next generation of artists. It is imperative that we support them. Whilst in the short term we accelerate towards and embrace all things online, showing the graduates’ work in a physical space feels like a hugely positive achievement for all of us.”

COVID-19 Safety
There will be no private view. The galleries will be open to the public on the following days with a limited number of visitors allowed in each space at a time, all visitors must wear masks, hand sanitiser will be provided and social distancing measures strictly observed.

All of the work will be available for sale with all monies going directly to the students.

Edel Assanti
74A Newman St, London W1T 3DB @edelassanti
18-21 August, 11-6

The Fitzrovia Chapel
2 Pearson Square, London W1T 3BF @fitzroviachapel
18-21 August, 11-6

TJ Boulting
59 Riding House Street, London W1W 7EG @tjboulting
18-22 August, 11-6

Webber Gallery
18 Newman St, London W1T 1PE @webber_gallery
18-22 August, 11-6


Edel Assanti
Daniel John Bracken
Katie Bret-Day
Godith Hawkins
Sophie (Tzu-Ching) Hu
Mathias Kruse Jørgensen
Tom Medwell
Alexander Mourant
Anabela Pinto
Yilin Shi
Mathias Tang

The Fitzrovia Chapel
Nadja Ellinger
Ruijing Ge
Deepak Kathat
Thomas Moen
Bobby Monteverde
Jukan Takeisi
Ying Wang

TJ Boulting
Tris Bucaro
Mara Gajic
Eden Hawkins
Qian Jiang
Lunhua Kong
Elliott Mickleburgh
Lowena Poole
Shir Raz
Ioanna Sakellaraki
Costanza Valderrama
Lidan Yang

Webber Gallery
Roei Greenberg
Jonas Mlejnek
Marie Muller Priqueler
Maria Teresa Scarabello
Gülce Tulçali
James Wilde
Sine (Xuan) Zheng